About Us

TKH Library, situated in building 1A on the first floor, serves as the central library for all universities hosted at TKH. Our extensive collection comprises 5,000 books, references, CDs, and journals.
We are committed to fulfilling our mission of providing comprehensive resources and services that support the academic curriculum and assist library users in developing information literacy skills and lifelong learning.
Our goal is to offer the latest information resources in various formats, organized in a user-friendly manner for easy access to the required information.
We strive for our users to derive maximum benefit from our hybrid collection of printed and electronic resources.
Additionally, TKH Library prioritizes meeting the diverse needs of our users, providing valuable learning opportunities, fostering relationships, and offering robust support to the academic community.
Our vision is to empower TKH's research and learning community through our expertise, innovative services, outstanding collections, and strategic partnerships.