Sears and Zemansky's university physics : with modern physics /

Young, Hugh D.,

Sears and Zemansky's university physics : with modern physics / Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Freedman ; contributing author, A. Lewis Ford. - Fourteenth edition, Global edition. - color illustrations ; 29 cm. 1 volume (various pagings) :

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Mechanics. Units, physical quantities, and vectors -- Motion along a straight line -- Motion in two or three dimensions -- Newton's laws of motion -- Applying Newton's laws -- Work and kinetic energy -- Potential energy and energy conservation -- Momentum, impulse, and collisions -- Rotation of rigid bodies -- Dynamics of rotational motion -- Equilibrium and elasticity -- Fluid m
echanics -- Gravitation -- Periodic motion -- Waves/acoustics. Mechanical waves -- Sound and hearing -- Thermodynamics. Temperature and heat -- Thermal properties of matter -- The first law of thermodynamics -- The second law of thermodynamics -- Electromagnetism. Electric charge and electric field -- Gauss's law -- Electric potential -- Capacitance and dielectrics -- Current, resistance, and electromotive force -- Direct-current circuits -- Magnetic field and magnetic forces -- Sources of magnetic field -- Electromagnetic induction -- Inductance -- Alternating current -- Electromagnetic waves -- Optics. The nature and propagation of light -- Geometric optics -- Interference -- Diffraction -- Modern physics. Relativity -- Photons : light waves behaving as particles -- Particles behaving as waves -- Quantum mechanics I : wave functions -- Quantum mechanics II : atomic structure -- Molecules and condensed matter -- Nuclear physics -- Particle physics and cosmology -- Appendices. A: The international system of units -- B: Useful mathematical relations -- C: The Greek alphabet -- D: Periodic table of the elements -- E: Unit conversion factors -- F: Numerical constants -- Answers to odd-numbered problems.

This book is the product of six and a half decades of leadership and innovation in physics education. When the first edition of University Physics by Francis W. Sears and Mark W. Zemansky was published in 1949, it was revolutionary among calculus-based physics textbooks in its emphasis on the fundamental principles of physics and how to apply them. The success of University Physics with generations of several million students and educators around the world is a testament to the merits of this approach and to the many innovations it has introduced subsequently.


Physics--Study and teaching (Higher)

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