Invasion of privacy : big brother and the company hackers /

Invasion of privacy : big brother and the company hackers / Michael J. Weber - xix, 275 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

The Invasion -- The death of Moore's law -- The target is you! -- Opting out -- Convergence -- Tactical and practical digital defense (Part 1) -- Surveillance -- The cheap toothpick syndrome -- The metaphysics of hacking -- Media meltdown -- Badvertising -- Practical and tactical digital defense (Part 2) -- Zone defense -- The computer zone -- The internet zone -- The public zone.

Annotation Pop-up ads, cookies, spyware, spam, junk mail, telemarketing calls. Rapidly evolving technology has made you a target and your personal information a desirable commodity. Your profile is out there and it?s available not just to the highest bidder, but to every bidder. Technology, advertising, the media, and government have converged to invade our privacy. Invasion of Privacy exposes the dangers and proposes a practical defense. Invasion of Privacy is about people; people who do good and evil things with technology, people who are victims of technology, and victims who become avengers by turning the tables on the technology that victimizes them.



Privacy, Right of.
Databases --civil rights issues
Public records --civil rights issues.
Technology --Moral and ethical aspects.
Computer security.
Computer networks --Security measures.

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