Cyber security : law and guidance /

Tse, Helen, 1977-

Cyber security : law and guidance / Helen Wong. - xlii, 744 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Threats - Melanie Oldham and Abigail McAlpine (with "Script Kiddies" by Gary Broadfield) --Vulnerabilities - Melanie Oldham and Abigail McAlpine --The Law - Ria Halme (with "Territorial Scope" by Gary Broadfield) -- How to Defend - Graeme Batsman -- Privacy and Security in The Workplace - Ria Halme --Security in The Built Environment - Nathan Jones -- The Importance of Policy and Guidance in Digital Communications - Ben Silverstone --The C Suite Perspective on Cyber Risk - Klaus Julisch -- Corporate Governance Mind Map - Andrew Constantine-- Industry Specialists In-Depth Reports- Mobile Payments - Rhiannon Lewis- Electric Utilities: Critical Infrastructure Protection and Reliability - E. Rudina and S.

"Implementing appropriate security measures will be an advantage when protecting organisations from regulatory action and litigation in cyber security law: can you provide a defensive shield? Cyber Security: Law and Guidance provides an overview of legal developments in cyber security and data protection in the European Union and the United Kingdom, focusing on the key cyber security laws and related legal instruments, including those for data protection and payment services. Additional context is provided through insight into how the law is developed outside the regulatory frameworks, referencing the 'Consensus of Professional Opinion' on cyber security, case law and the role of professional and industry standards for security. With cyber security law destined to become heavily contentious, upholding a robust security framework will become an advantage and organisations will require expert assistance to operationalise matters. Practical in approach, this comprehensive text will be invaluable for legal practitioners and organisations. It covers both the law and its practical application, helping to ensure that advisers and organisations have effective policies and procedures in place to deal with cyber security." -- Back cover.


Computer security
Computer security--Law and legislation


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