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100 1 _aLogan, Daryl L.,
245 1 2 _aA first course in the finite element method /
_cDaryl L. Logan.
250 _aSixth edition.
264 1 _aBoston, MA :
_bCengage Learning,
300 _axviii, 955 pages :
_billustrations (some color) ;
_c24 cm.
336 _atext
337 _aunmediated
338 _avolume
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505 0 _aIntroduction -- Introduction to the stiffness (displacement) method -- Development of truss equations -- Development of beam equations -- Frame and grid equations -- Development of the plane stress and plane strain stiffness equations -- Practical considerations in modeling; interpreting results; and examples of plane stress/strain analysis -- Development of the linear-strain triangle equations -- Axisymmetric elements -- Isoparametric formulation -- Three-dimensional stress analysis -- Plate bending element -- Heat transfer and mass transport -- Fluid flow in porous media and through hydraulic networks; and electrical networks and electrostatics -- Thermal stress -- Structural dynamics and time-dependent heat transfer -- Appendix A. Matrix algebra -- Appendix B. Methods for solutions of simultaneous -- Appendix C. Equations from elasticity theory -- Appendix D. Equivalent nodal forces -- Appendix E. Principle of virtual work -- Appendix F. Properties of structural steel shapes.
520 _aDiscover a simple, direct approach that highlights the basics you need within A FIRST COURSE IN THE FINITE ELEMENT METHOD, 6E. This unique book is written so both undergraduate and graduate students can easily comprehend the content without the usual prerequisites, such as structural analysis. The book is written primarily as a basic learning tool for students, like you, in civil and mechanical engineering who are primarily interested in stress analysis and heat transfer. The text offers ideal preparation for utilizing the finite element method as a tool to solve practical physical problems.
650 0 _aFinite element method.
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