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100 1 _aWhitaker, Andrew,
245 1 0 _aChained exploits :
_badvanced hacking attacks from start to finish /
_cAndrew Whitaker, Keatron Evans, Jack B. Voth.
264 1 _aUpper Saddle River, NJ :
300 _axix, 279 pages :
_billustrations ;
_c24 cm.
336 _atext
337 _aunmediated
338 _avolume
500 _aIncludes index.
505 0 _aGet your free credit cards here -- Discover what your boss is looking at -- Take down your competitor's web site -- Corporate espionage -- Chained corporations -- Gain physical access to healthcare records -- Attacking social networking sites -- Wreaking havoc from the parking lot.
520 _a"The complete guide to today's hard-to-defend chained attacks: performing them and preventing them. Nowadays, it's rare for malicious hackers to rely on just one exploit or tool; instead, they use "chained" exploits that integrate multiple forms of attack to achieve their goals. Chained exploits are far more complex and far more difficult to defend. Few security or hacking books cover them well and most don't cover them at all. Now there's a book that brings together start-to-finish information about today's most widespread chained exploits--both how to perform them and how to prevent them. Chained Exploits demonstrates this advanced hacking attack technique through detailed examples that reflect real-world attack strategies, use today's most common attack tools, and focus on actual high-value targets, including credit card and healthcare data. Relentlessly thorough and realistic, this book covers the full spectrum of attack avenues, from wireless networks to physical access and social engineering."--Back cover.
650 0 _aComputer security.
650 0 _aComputer networks
_xSecurity measures.
650 0 _aHackers.
700 1 _aEvans, Keatron,
700 1 _aVoth, Jack B.
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