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_b.H465 2012
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100 1 _aHeller, Steven,
245 1 0 _aWriting and research for graphic designers :
_ba designer's manual to strategic communication and presentation /
_cSteven Heller.
250 _aPaperback edition.
264 1 _aBeverly, MA :
_bRockport Publishers,
300 _a176 pages :
_billustrations (chiefly color) ;
_c25 cm.
336 _atext
337 _aunmediated
338 _avolume
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references (pages 163-164) and index.
505 0 _aPreface : Designers, meet the word -- Foreword : Designers, make your mark -- Introduction : Why I write -- 1. Reading, writing & research : Reading: the key to good research and writing : What to read ; How to read ; Taking notes -- Writing: thoughts on paper or screen : Your voice : Where do ideas come from / Ellen Shapiro ; Getting ideas ; Targeting an audience ; Self-editing ; The editor's role : Phil Patton talks about how writing is edited ; Avoiding clich├ęs ; The music of words ; Telling stories : Poster-a-day: a visual vitamin / Steven Heller ; Pitching a story : Publishing your book: getting the green light / Emily Potts -- Research: building the narrative foundation : Database research ; Library and museum research ; Primary resources : Beth Kleber talks about research ; Secondary research : Alexander Tochilovsky talks about archives ; No Google! -- 2. Surveying the disciplines : Long form/short form : Akiko Busch talks about being a design user -- Journalism : Design journalism for the mass market / Alice Twemlow ; Alice Twemlow talks about covering design culture -- Business : Orn'ry usage / Ralph Caplan ; Ralph Caplan talks about writing skill -- Academic : Excepts from Alphabet and image / Kerry William Purcell ; Kerry William Purcell talks about writing history ; Linda King talks about scholarly writing -- Criticism : The death of the critic / Rick Poynor ; Rick Poynor talks about writing criticism ; Andra Lange talks about writing criticism -- Public relations : Michael Grant talks about effective publicity -- Blog : School days / Gail Anderson ; "Thank you," or why Socrates was wrong ; Art Nouveau feeder fetishist ; Sean Adams talks about blogging ; Alissa Walker talks about her favorite form of writing -- 3. The editor's role : How to edit and be edited: the editor is a writer's best friend : Sue Apfelbaum talks about what an editor does ; Aaron Kenedi talks about editing a design magazine ; Aaron Kenedi's favorite Print spread ; Monumental: excerpts from Monumental: the reimagined world of Kevin O'Callaghan / Deborah Hussey ; Deborah Hussey talks about writing for books ; End of the glue-pot era: an editing process in three versions / Steven Heller -- 4. Leaning from experiences : Writers discuss their writing: designers as authors/authors on design : On failure / Allan Chochivo talks about the writer's attitude ; To write about design is to care about other people / David Barringer ; David Barringer talks about respect for the reader ; The language of design imperialism / Maria Popova ; Maria Popova talks about buzzword-encrusted language ; Fanzines by Teal Triggs / Adrian Shaughnessy ; Adrian Shaughnessy talks about being personal ; Thomas Lenthal: the deejay of visual references / Veronique Vienne ; Veronique Vienne talks about her handicaps ; My annotated interview with Mike Salisbury / Michael Dooly ; Michael Dooley on discovery and skepticism -- Writing with images : The language of text and pictures: the multimedia designer/author : The nose / Seymour Chwast ; Things he has learned / Stefan Sagmeister ; 344 questions / Stephan Bucher ; "All the new that fits" / Paula Scher ; Eames words / Andrew Byrom -- Epilogue : Is anybody reading?
520 _a"For designers, writing and research skills are more necessary than ever before, from the basic business compositions to critical writing. In this competitive climate, designers are routinely called upon to make words about the images and designs they create for clients. Writing about design is not just "trade" writing, but should be accessible to everyone with an interest in design. This book is a complete, introductory guide to various forms of research and writing in design--and how they explain visuals and can be visualized. These pages address communication on various levels and to all audiences:- Designers to Designers- Designers to Clients- Designers to the Design-literate- Designers to the Design-agnosticBeing able to express the issues and concerns of the design practice demands facts, data, and research. With Writing and Research for Graphic Designers, you'll learn how to turn information into a valuable asset-- one of the key talents of the design researcher"--
_cProvided by publisher.
520 _a"This is the first handbook for those designers who write and those writers who design. ... Some of the features are: Introduction to various forms of writing and research: trade journalism, scholarly discourse, criticism, general journalism, and business-to-business capability communications. How images can be visualized through words. How to express, analyze, and report on the issues and news of design practice. Turning information into strategic assets. Using library, online, primary and secondary sources, and more. Writing for magazines, blogs, papers, lectures, journals, books--and even press releases. How design, typography, and illustration supports writing."--Back cover.
650 0 _aCommercial art
650 0 _aGraphic arts
650 0 _aBusiness writing.
650 0 _aResearch.
650 0 _aBusiness report writing.
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