Designing the editorial experience : a primer for print, Web, and mobile /

Apfelbaum, Sue,

Designing the editorial experience : a primer for print, Web, and mobile / Sue Apfelbaum, Juliette Cezzar. - 224 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 25 cm

Includes bibliographical references (pages 212-213) and index.

Introduction : What is editorial design? ; Who reads it?: The reading experience ; Who makes it?: Staff and workflow -- Elements of editorial design : Formats ; Time ; Identity ; Anatomy ; Art ; Typography ; Layout ; Prototyping ; Production -- Case studies & interviews : Case study: BuzzFeed, Interview: Chris Johansen -- Case study: Huffington Post, Interview: Josh Klenert -- Interview: Paul Ford -- Case study: The New York times, interviews: Tom Bodkin, Jeremy Zilar -- Case study: The guardian, interview: Alex Breuer -- Interview: David Sleight -- Case study: USA today -- Interview: Jeanette Abbink, Rational beauty -- Case study: Bloomberg businessweek, interview: Richard Turley -- Case study: Rookie, interview: Renda Norton -- Interview: Mandy Brown, Editorially -- Case study: Pitchfork, interview: Michael Renaud -- Case study: New York, interviews: Thomas Alberty, Steve Motzenbecker -- Interview: Stella Bugbee, The cut -- Case study: Vanity fair Italia, Devin Pedzwater -- Case study: New republic -- Interview: Jeffrey Zeldman, Happy Cog -- Case study: It's nice that, interview: Will Hudson -- Case study: The Awl weekend competition -- Interview: David Jacobs and Natalie Podrazik, 29th Street Publishing -- Case study: Letter to Jane, interview: Tim Moore -- Case study: Paper, interview: Andrea Fella -- Case study: Gather, interview: Michele Outland -- Interview: Justin Thomas Kay, Doubleday & Cartwright -- Case study: Apartamento, interview: Omar Sosa -- Case study: Anorak, interview: Cathy Olmedillas -- Case study: WAX, interview: David Yun.

"In a world of media that seems to be ever-changing, how do we define a newspaper, magazine or journal? Are we drinking our morning coffee on a Sunday as we sit down and read our newstablet? Look around any doctor's office waiting room and you will find two people reading the same magazine, one holding the paper version, another on their phone. With so many medium options, designers need to evaluate the best formats to convey an editorial vision. In Designing the Editorial Experience, authors Sue Apfelbaum and Juliette Cezzar will discuss what it means to design for multiple media. It features advice from professionals in both the design and editorial fronts --and digital strategists too-- about what is constant and what is changing in the field. Inside, you will find examples of the best editorial design being produced today. In addition, explore the audiences for content, what forms the content takes, and how workflows are managed. This book provides a primer on the elements of editorial design that result in rich, thoughtful, and rewarding editorial experiences"--



Magazine design.
Newspaper layout and typography.
Graphic arts (Typography)
Graphic arts (Typography)--Case studies.
Electronic publications--Design.
Web sites--Design.
DESIGN / Book.
DESIGN / Graphic Arts / Commercial & Corporate.
DESIGN / Graphic Arts / Typography.

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