Models of mental health /

Davidson, Gavin,

Models of mental health / Gavin Davidson, Jim Campbell, CiarĂ¡n Shannon, Ciaran Mulholland. - xv, 132 pages ; 24 cm. - Palgrave's foundations of mental health practice . - Palgrave's foundations of mental health practice. .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Part I: Traditional models of mental health -- 1. Biomedical perspectives -- 2. Psychological perspectives on mental health problems -- 3. Social models of mental illness -- Park II: Challenging existing models of mental health theory -- 4. Service user-led perspectives -- 5. Critical psychiatry perspectives -- 6. Religious and spiritual perspectives on mental health -- 7. Integrated perspectives.

This text presents a critical overview of the main theoretical perspectives relevant to mental health practice. The book argues that no one theory provides a comprehensive framework for practice and in turn it examines traditional models of mental health as well as new and challenging ideas in the field.

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Mental Health.
Psychological Theory.

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